The Vestry at St. Paul's Episcopal Church

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The Vestry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church functions as our "Board of Directors", overseeing the business and finances of the parish, including preparation and approval of the annual budget, maintenance of the the parish buildings and grounds, and development and implementation of both programs and ministry efforts for the benefit of the parish family of St. Paul's.


Each year in January at the Annual Meeting, the congregation elects five new members for three-year terms. Additionally, the Senior Warden and Rector, who is the Presiding Officer, are members, giving a total of seventeen Vestry members. The Senior Warden, who is elected by the congregation for a three-year term, serves as the "Clergy's Warden" and Chief Financial Officer of the parish.


The Junior Warden, the "People's Warden", is elected by the vestry from those serving the final year of their elected term, and has the responsibility of oversight of buildings and grounds. The Junior Warden chairs the Property Management Committee, whose members include the Parish Administrator, possibly other Vestry members, and other parishioners whose interests or expertise contribute to the committee's purpose.


Each Vestry member is assigned an area of responsibility for a ministry or program within the parish and represents these groups to the Vestry at the monthly meetings, normally scheduled on the first (prayer and bible study) and third (business meeting) Mondays of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Wardens' Room.


Every Vestry meeting opens and closes with prayer, and at the first meeting of each quarter, the members corporately receive Holy Communion in the Chapel.


St. Paul's Vestry

Jim Taliaferro, Senior Warden


Peggy Connor, Junior Warden



Donnie Barker

Kate Ferguson

Josh Maier

John Vickers

Crystal Woolley


Winston Cunningham

Bobby Horne

Mackey Quinlan

Caldwell Roberts



Seth Reeg

Jackson hill

Gwen Bowles

Shannon Dean

Stephen Baker

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