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We're Glad You're Here

While most Episcopalians consider themselves hospitable, visiting any church for the first time may be a little uncomfortable or overwhelming. We want you to feel at home with us, so below is information to help you find your way around St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Please call our Ministry Office at (318) 865-8469, if you have any other questions.


We are always happy to help you!


What to Expect




Once you enter the church, you are in the Narthex of the church building. In the Narthex, which is similar to a foyer, we invite guests to sign the guest registry. A member of the Vestry, a member of the board who is wearing a red name tag, will greet you and give you a church bulletin. Please be seated wherever you feel comfortable.





Children of all ages are always welcome during worship.  If you prefer, we offer childcare for children 5 years old and younger.  A Vestry Member will be happy to direct you to the nursery.  However, we have made finding the nursery fun for all ages!  As you enter the church, look on the floor to your left.  You will find footsteps on the floor.   Your little one and you may follow the footsteps to the nursery!  Once there, you will find caregivers who are experienced and have been selected based on their abilities, love for children, and nurturing spirit. 

The Act of Worship

As you enter the Nave, you will be greeted by an atmosphere of worship and reverence.  We recognize that our parishioners lead busy lives and may have just completed a frantic, minor miracle in making it to the service at all.  This quiet calm before a service is an opportunity to re-focus on the big picture and prepare oneself for worship as part of a community of believers.

A typical Episcopal Sunday Service has two parts:  the Word and the Table.  The Word is where we hear Scripture readings, say our prayers, and listen to the sermon.  The Table is where we share the Bread and Wine as Jesus commanded us to do before He died.

The service follows an order found in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), two-thirds of which is scriptural.  Every worship service includes the reading of Holy Scripture from the Old and New Testaments.  Many of our prayers and hymns are filled with Scripture.  The BCP allows everyone to participate, reminding us that each person is an important part of the worship experience.  At St. Paul's, the worship bulletin will offer guidance for you.

Stand, Sit or Kneel?

Throughout the service, we will both stand and kneel to assist in the physical act of worship.  If you're new to the Episcopal tradition, a simple guide is to just follow the folks next to you.  The general rules are:

     Stand for singing, affirming the Creed, reading the Gospel, and 

     during certain prayers.

     Sit during readings from the Old Testament or New Testament

     letters, the sermons, and the choir anthems.

     Kneel during certain prayers or as an act of humility before God.

Receiving the Eucharist

All Baptized Christians - regardless of denomination - are welcome to receive communion with the congregation.  Episcopalians invite all baptized people to receive, not because we take the Eucharist lightly, but because we take our baptism so seriously. 

Come forward to the Altar Rail as the ushers direct you and take the next available place.  You may kneel or stand.  Receive the communion bread from the priest in your open palms.  You may choose to receive the wine directly from the chalice by gently guiding it to your lips as the Worship Leader presents it to you, or you may "instinct", or dip, the bread into the wine.  If it is physically difficult for you to come to the altar rail, please indicate this to an usher and a priest will bring communion to you where you are seated. 

Children are welcome at the Lord's Table at their parents' discretion.  If your child does not receive, he/she may come to the altar rail to receive a blessing. 

Discipleship (Sunday School):

At 9:15 a.m., every Sunday, we set aside a special time for education and fellowship. You will find a variety of classes for adults, youth, and children of all ages.  Please refer to the bulletin for a list of the classes, room assignments, and information on Coffee Hour in the Parlor.



As our guests, we encourage you to ask questions and seek information.  Please fill out a visitor card (found in the pew) and place it in the offering plate or hand it to our priest.  Of course, we also invite and encourage you to introduce yourself to our clergy and Vestry (red tags). If you prefer, please contact our Ministry Office at (318) 865-8469.

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